StarWater is a web-based information service for water quality monitoring using satellite images. It provides water quality indicators to support decision making for coastal environmental management.

Thorough our Aqua server, we provide you with satellite based information to help you better manage your coastal environmental management in line with European directives and improving the use of your in situ measurements.

StarWater target markets are:

  • Environmental institutions
  • Aquaculture
  • Tourism
  • Water agencies
  • Coastal municipalities

The StarWater service delivers the last available image over the area of interest, with hourly updates. The water quality indexes are based on the following satellite based indicators:

  • Chlorophyl-a: chlorophyll's concentration is a key index in the monitoring of the population (mainly phytoplankton) and condition of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Total suspended matter: total amount of suspended particles (organic and inorganic particles) which produce the cloudy aspect of the water.
  • Transparency: the lack of sun light is one of the factors that stops the aquatic plants growth and reduces the biological regeneration in shallow waters.

The StarWater products are maps that contain:

  • Legend: scale of colours indicating the different levels of each indicator.
  • Georeference background.
  • Satellite image acquistion date.

Star2Earth provides as well additional support on long data series analysis, interpretation and validation. If you are interested, please contact us.

How does it work?
We send you the link to access to the web password protected in which you will be able to check at your convenience the updated and archive data. The only thing you need is internet access.